by Ingrown

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released June 16, 2017

Guitar/Vocals - Calvin Ross Hansen
Drums - Dave Shaffer
Bass - Alex Marshall

This record was recorded at High Command January 4th, 2017 in Olympia, WA

Cover art by Nick Tacm

Alternatives Label
Seattle, WA



all rights reserved


Ingrown Boise, Idaho


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Track Name: Chain
Get back boy
Cuz you're startin to piss me off
And I've been shoved into this corner for far too fuckin long
I'm sick of all this fuckin attention that you love to shove down my throat
Your fucked up crew ass bully shit ain't gonna fly
Since day one feeling at fault
I can't speak up
Talk and talk, no face to face
Never going forward, only stepping backward
The shit you preach to hate is what you're made of
When will this childish shit end
Track Name: Fraud
You front like a true friend
When it's convenient
Lie after lie just spreading shit
All the time
Everyone's buddy
and secret enemy
Get your kicks by starting shit
Then leave the mess

Breaking what we've built
Don't get what we're about
Fucked up racist mindset
That you can't hide

You're a fraud get away
Causing pain is your game
You're a fraud get away
Get out

Why divide when we can unite
Track Name: Alt-Wrong
Don't know shit about the world
But you still open your mouth
Try to speak of culture
Can't back up all your talk
New wave of Hitler youth
Isolated hypocrite

Racist fucks
Don't know god damn shit
Fuck you

We all need thicker skin
But mostly on our knuckles
Fuckers don't listen
but they sure do feel
And a kick to the teeth
Is what gets through to them
No tolerance
Track Name: Grunt
No matter the joint, I see em all as enemies
Shocked at their behavior disgusted by their existence
This can't be the rest of my life
Clock in clock out, grit my teeth
Bottom of the god damn barrel
Taking orders from less than me
I'm fucked
And sick of it
In constant pain, and worsen it just to get by
Consequence of my impulse is 25 to fuckin life
Live a lie to survive
Track Name: Gouge A Little More
Running into a wall, jumping out of the fire
Set up just to break down, leave behind all the regrets
and back the fuck off

Running into a wall, jumping out of the fire
Set up just to break down, leave behind all the regrets to look ahead, pretend they see me

One more bullet in the fucking chamber
One less chance at a good day
Selfish life cut a little short
Fallback plan always on my mind
Track Name: Meathead
I'm always cringing, waiting just to see an open empty chance
Risking, fighting, just to let down everyone I've ever met
What's that, who's there, noises flying in and out of my head
All ideas, at the wrong time, no one even gives a fuck
can't see a reason why
To drag this out anymore
Hopeless meathead
Comfort in hopelessness
Need to find another mind

I'm still standing confused
Influenced to tread on
Cuz beneath all the bullshit
Not everything remains