Dirty Demo

by Ingrown

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Guitar/Vox: Calvin
Bass: Alex
Drums: Dave

Recorded 11/21/15 by Mirce Popovic at TransFX Mobile in Olympia, Washington with Gabe Paxton on bass


released November 28, 2015

Big thanks to Mirce and Julaya for showing us a really fun time and making all this happen. Thanks to Alex and Oliver for coming along and being great, and thanks to Yesenia for coming along and being great and also doing all the work all the time :)



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Ingrown Boise, Idaho


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Track Name: Tough
File on in, file on out
Organize to corporatize
Take no risk to make a change
Why the fuck are you even here?

I can see right through your glare
Your high class anger holds no weight
Play the part nice and hard
You don't even need this shit
Step down
Know who gets the point
Track Name: Bonewalker
I try to think that in the end, I do what I can
I'll help you crawl through the shit and survive the day
Once I make the pieces fit I realize what's smartest
I'll watch you throw your life away even though it's hardest

I don't give a fuck how you live your life
I just want to be able to live mine
Fuck shit up or get fucked up
I couldn't care less, everyone is different
Track Name: Raw Deal
Fun's out - Life's in
Raw deal - Cheap Life
Pointless rat race
Give up - Save face

Close my eyes and skip another step
Find another way to live again
Track Name: Gouge A Little More
Running into a wall, jumping out of the fire
Set up just to break down, leave behind all the regrets
and back the fuck off

Running into a wall, jumping out of the fire
Set up just to break down, leave behind all the regrets to look ahead, pretend they see me

One more bullet in the fucking chamber
One less chance at a good day
Selfish life cut a little short
Fallback plan always on my mind
Track Name: Leave Me Be
Mind your business, leave me fucking be
You pretend to care, it's fucking weak

I hate myself but I know there's a chance
So I won't give up and I will always abstain
I know what I like and I know what I need
So don't generalize or speak for me
Track Name: Under The Table
I've seen the signs all my life
Forgive and forget, 'cause it's not worth it
I tell myself to look on the bright side
Every time I can't see a fucking thing

Live one life when I'm present
Change your mask once you're safe
Play the victim when confronted
I know your fucking game

Lie after lie, the connection gets weaker
Reevaluate the trust then rethink my life
Every man for himself
Has never sounded so fucking evil
Track Name: Migraine
Can't think of my name - of my home, or anything
All of these are delusions to keep me on this road to death
To sick to think of a future beyond pain
Days lost - Thoughts of death creep into my fucking head

Pill after pill after pill, stab me in the brain the same
No more
No more
No more
Track Name: Textbook Outcast
Preach your bullshit fake new mindset
I can see right fucking through it
You just found some common sense
As if you want to pass a test

Slut shame then pretend to know pain
Blind sheep you don't know a thing
You're the only fucking problem
Motherfucker there's the door
Fuck you

You're just as racist
Nothing has changed about you
Just follow the leader
Pretend to make a difference

(Mirce's bonus shenanigans)